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COVID-19 Action Plan

From the Academy for Creating Enterprise

Just like many of you, COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of the lives of our members. Alumni all over the world have experienced drastic impacts to their businesses and needed to find solutions to continue providing for their families.

The Academy has taken the following measures to protect students and support them in this challenging time: 

1. Our staff in every country have worked tirelessly to adapt training and support programming to online platforms. 

2. Members have worked to learn how to meet virtually to gain insights for how to maintain some form of income. 

3.The Academy has postponed all in-person meetings.

Here are a few of the great things that members have been doing: 

790 Members gathered virtually for a webinar given by friend of the Academy, James Ritchie.

126 Chapter Presidents came together for a training by CEO Robert Heyn in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

652 chapter leaders have attended 43 virtual trainings to learn how to hold virtual chapter meetings with for their chapters during this time.

64 Students are completing their four-week residential training program using facebook live in Brazil.

Members everywhere have started to find new ways to be resilient and respond to these circumstances. The Academy will continue to affect lives around the world and do all we can to expand our reach despite the challenges. We look forward to seeing our membership grow across the world and online. To keep up with the latest events, follow our country facebook pages below:
"Members everywhere have started to find new ways to be resilient."
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