Women of the Academy: Nerissa Nalangan Canoy

Nerissa Nalangan Canoy is one of several successful women who have learned how to build a business from the Academy for Creating Enterprise. As a widow, she built a pie business that has helped build her confidence and strengthen her relationships. Read her story in her own words.


My name is Nerissa, I am a widow with 8 healthy children and 6 grandchildren. I am 55 years old. 


We started a pie business making “Mommy Babes Buko Pie”. Now we offer 5 more kinds of pies, Bukopinya, Pineapple, Apple, Durian, and Fruitmix pies. We saw we had a lot of by-products from our pies so we started selling those as well. Some of our most popular are: buko juice, buko pandan and mango pearl kooler. We offer pickup and delivery on a motorcycle for faster delivery. 

In her own words: 

“I joined the Academy because my late husband encouraged me to join. I attended the Academy residential program and graduated in the 73rd cohort on November 22, 2014. My husband had attended the Academy's Quick Start Program before me. I remember him telling me, “Soon, we will start our own business, you need to go and attend ACE program so you will be equipped not only with skills but also with principles you need to run a business and put us in a good place in the future.” All these years, and I have proven him right. The Academy has helped and inspired me to run a business in a righteous way with honesty and integrity as the ruling principles. As a result, we gain the trust and respect of our suppliers and clients and have made a good name in the industry. Most of us were worried to face what the market would look like after the pandemic but the Academy has equipped us with so much wisdom through online webinars...How can we fail? Thanks to the Academy, I am more confident now that we can still make it!”
The Academy has helped & inspired me...
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